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To see it, you have to feel it. February 3, 2011

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The differences in Music that exist in our world are surely interesting, but not all are welcome.
What we now call “mainstream” is what most Radio Lovers listen to all day; it makes me quite sick. The same 10 or 20 songs, all day, until 10 new songs are discovered that have more potential of being stuck in the average persons head, like an annoying commercial jingle. The “coincidence” that every song by an artist in nowadays Radio Lists sounds the same, have similar themes and lyrics is just sad.

Why have the same melody and beat everytime?
Why not change and reach out to new ideas?

I honestly don’t know.
Is it wrong to listen to MTV / Radio?
– No. Not as long as you leave others alone who wish NOT to listen to the kind of music they play.

Should I try to get them to listen to something else than Radio / MTV?
– You can always show, or suggest bands / songs to anyone. It is up to them though, if they really want to listen to it.

If you are already at it:

(Fort Minor ft. Mike Shinoda – Where’d you go)



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